Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Torendi Item of the Week!

The Torendi Item of the Week is our Happy Friends OPP Tape! One week only $3.50!

We know that tape is becoming all the rage in paper crafting trends (well we had a feeling months ago, that's why we imported it for you) so here is your chance to try it out at an amazing price! Don't miss out!

In case you need some inspiration, here are some great examples on how to use the tape from our DT!

On this first card by Tiff,  the tape is applied directly to the cardstock,  you can see it is slightly see-thru. If you want it to stand out more, apply it to white paper first, like on the two cards below from Tiff and Kelly.  

We would love to see your creative ways of using our OPP TAPE


  1. These are adorable! Great Cards Girls

  2. Such awesome jobs by the DT! That's one cute tape! I made a card using the circus one