Friday, October 9, 2009

Product Focus: Humania Clips

Today's product focus is on these adorable Humania "human shaped" paper clips. You can find them in the torendi shop HERE!

Tiffany made these adorable lunchbox notes with her clips. I know it would make my day to find one in my lunch! (she also used the taste of torendi kit, with the R stamps)

I used 4 Humania clips to make a family photo holder. In this close up shot you can see I even used some wire to give one of the clips little pants!

The whole project without photos.

The project with photos of me and my family!


  1. Jenn, your project is soooooo cute!!!! You definitely sparked some mojo in me after seeing this!

  2. These projects are awesome! :) I love the little girls' pictures Jenn!

  3. I love the photo holder. CUTE!

  4. I just love those clips! That photo holder is just too cool! I also love Tiff's cute cards! You guys are so good at making me want to buy stuff :).

  5. I had to giggle when I saw the wire pants too cute! Beth aka BR-T