Friday, October 30, 2009

The Poll has been taken over...

and will be taken down!

It has come to mine and Jenn's attention by our very honest competitors that there are indeed ways to cheat the system, tech savvy ways to cheat the system.
I am completely saddened and disheartened as are the designers and their fans.
It all started this last round.

We will be taking the poll down immediately and have been brainstorming ways to pick our 2 designers. We will keep everyone updated!

We apologize to everyone that has been fair throughout this whole competition and shame on those that found ways to cheat. This is not the presidency...we shouldn't need ballot booths. This was supposed to be a friendly competition!
Okay....I'm off my soap box!

Thank you for all your votes and thank you to all the designers for their talent.
Now, comes the tough decisions.


  1. oh wow, never would have imagined that :(

  2. That's a shame. I had asked all my facebook friends to vote in this last round, for my friend. Campaigning for her. She was doing pretty well. Bummer.

  3. What a shame....a fun competition turned into a bad taste in the mouth. I'm truely saddened to hear this. Good luck ladies! I truely enjoyed creating with Torendi products:-)

  4. Of all the things! I'm sorry to hear it. :(

    GO TINA!!! :)

  5. That's horrible! It's sad that things came to this.

  6. That's so lame...cheating...really? That is so not cool and it's not fun for the awesome ladies that were really kicking bootay!! You ladies rock and did not deserve this. What a bummer.