Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Torendi Alert!!!

This week's Torendi Alert
brings us to the blog of the famous
She has an awesome eye for color, texture, and balance!
Not only is she CRAZY talented, she's also a huge sweetie!
Here are some of my favorites:

This card is AMAZING!!!! The textures, the little scene she created, EVERYTHING! And it uses some of that awesome Cosmo Cricket Earth Love Paper (which I hear is in our October Kit, but don't tell Jenn I told ya)!

Isn't this adorable!!!!

Look at all the texture!

Who doesn't LOVE American Crafts flair!!!

THIS card is PERFECT! The colors, textures, sewing, and all the elements are well balanced!
Leave Amy some love and tell us which card is your favorite!


  1. Thanks certainly made my day!!!!!!

  2. CUTE!!!!
    And I see the JenMarie sleepy eyes owl!!

  3. Love the cards :)
    Amy's always a talent in my books!

  4. favorite, yikes, that are all wonderful! If I HAD to pick on, I think the lemon card stands out to me. :)

  5. These are so cute! Love the owl with a cup o Joe in the mushroom!

  6. Oh these are all super cute!! I'd have to say the big pink mushroom one!! Super cute :)


  7. Yay Amy! She is pretty fantastic isn't she??? :-) I love the lemon card! So soft and pretty. :-)

  8. Wow - so happy for my blogging friend, Amy - she sure does make the most fun cards with all her wonderful DP's!! thanks for highlighting her here - she certainly deserves it!

  9. A big YES to Amy being amazingly talented, wickedly cool, and supa sweet! I love that girl!

    Awesome cards, sweets! ;P

  10. ooooooo la la ....amy you know i love your work're the bomb...hugs

  11. What great cards. They are all so pretty!

  12. Love it all! More than love! These cards are seriously incredible! So awesome, Amy!