Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FABRIC and a COUPON code!

Fabric, it's popping up EVERYWHERE in the crafting world, even at TORENDI! Cath at Moxie Fab World wrote a blog entry on it last Friday and the March 2010 CARDS call is looking for cards with fabric on them so.....we have imported some super cute fabrics from Japan! 3 designs were JUST added to the store and 2 more are being saved for upcoming kits! All our fabric is from Shinzi Katoh Designs and is being sold in 12 x 12 inch sheets. (If you have a project in mind that would require you to have a larger amount of uncut fabric, please contact me jenn@torendi.net and we can work something out)

And if all this excitement isn't enough, we have a coupon code for you today!! :) 15% off on the 15th! This coupon is good for TODAY ONLY! Please use coupon code - payday - at checkout. *coupon not good for the 6 month Torendi Kit Subscription*

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