Saturday, August 29, 2009

Torendi Design Team Extraordinaire

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I'm the Torendi Design Team Extraordinaire!

How we met:
Jenn and I met the usual stamper's way, through various forums over on, and we've gotten to know each other more and more through The Etsy Inspired Challenge! Jenn always struck me as an "ideas person". She always comes up with brilliant solutions and ideas for my everyday crafting woes! I wish her brain could be on loan, because I'd be the first to sign up!

How Torendi came to be for ME:
When she tossed around the idea for Torendi, I told her, "SIGN ME UP!" I've been behind her business venture 100% ever since! I love being on the creative side, as I'm not sure I have the nerves of steel that Jenn obviously has!

What you can expect from me:
I can't wait to work with this awesome product! It's different, it's fun, it's trendy, and one-of-a-kind! And, I look forward to being able to shape the creative identity of Torendi. I've been stalking everyone's blog for potential "Toredi Setters". So stalk your inboxes!!! We're looking for Fresh, Modern, Fun, and Unique designers to help us PIMP our products :)

Blog ya later,

If you are interested in a spot as a Torendi Setter, email me at

Thanks Tiffany! Isn't she so sweet and TALENTED! Be sure to check out her personal blog as well, iheartart!

30 followers, make that 31, WOO HOO! Time to pick a random winner for these cute Bam Pop! Bubble Dream chipboard comic bubbles!

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  1. HAHA awesome! I heart bampop!!!

  2. and Tiffany IS extraordinary!!!

  3. Awesome...looking forward to all the good things to come!

  4. Yes indeed, you are the perfect one for this new company!

  5. Congrats Ryann! Can't wait to see what comes next Jenn! Go Tiffany!