Tuesday, December 15, 2009

For the love of Linen

Hello! I am so excited because today I have the opportunity to showcase for you some new takes on a product we all love... ribbon! This Shinzi Katoh Designs Torikago Linen Ribbon is wonderful because it's a natural fiber which is very appealing to me and it goes perfectly with any of the Earth Love paper line by Cosmo Cricut found in the Joy Kit avail at the Torendi Store.  With Christmas stirring around in the back of my mind I couldn't resist an ornament.

Not what you were expecting? That's the best selling point for me with Torendi's products they ease the transition of pushing the envelope! This wonderful ribbon screamed "Modernize Me!" so I was compelled to do so.This was a breeze to create: Cut a bunch (my very technical term for a lot!) of 1 1/2 circles. Again I chose this awesome patterned paper by Cosmo Cricut from the Earth Love line and black card stock from American Craft which is supplied in the kits avail at the store (colors may vary!). I also cut seven 2 inch circles from some red card stock from my scrap heap and punched out a 1 1/2 cicle from them making sure they were off center. Now for the fun part I broke out my hot glue gun to affix all the smaller circles in no particular order to tired old ornament and then looped some ribbon around the larger circles and affixed them as well. Below is a detail shot of the wonderful image on the linen:

For my next creation I wanted to show you something that got me really excited, because this is a naural fiber you can emboss it how cool is that? I wanted to create a precious object with the remainer of my ribbon so by framing it on my card I was able get this point across.

Here is a close-up of the embossed ribbon:

To emboss the ribbon simply rub the edges onto an embossing ink pad and the dip into embossing powder I choose a copper color. You will have to repeat several times on each side to get the result from this card. I hope you are left with some craft for thought and be sure to check out all of the stunning linen Ribbon Torendi has to offer in the Embellishment section! Have a fantastic day! Beth aka BR-T


  1. Love love love both or your creations! The card is so classy! :)

  2. Way cute. ♥ the ornament

  3. Two wonderful projects!!! I love both ideas so much, that ornament is so beautiful. And I LOVE how you embossed the ribbon!!!

  4. Wowza! I love it! I cannot wait to try to embossed edges! It sounds so fun! :)