Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's BR-T Day!!!

It's Beth Ranney-Thomas Day (BR-T for short)!!!
You might be wondering why we decided to make a little wiggle room for a 3rd Design Team member... Well, here's why!
BR-T is like a magician...she can take a single product/stamp/embellishment/shape and go MacGuyver on it! She's REALLY good at showing different ways to use something!

Here's her winning card:
ummm, hello!!!! Isn't this COMPLETELY unique!?

Beth can make everything, from the conventional to the unconventional:
This elegant/rustic looking card is so pretty!

Take a look at this scene:

Didn't she ROCK this sketch! I love how unique BR-T is :)
Her inner artist really shines though in her creations...
Great message!

This is BR-T in a single layout...
Beth's artist eye is phenomenal! I've been following her since day 1 in my crafting journey and I'm so happy she's joined Torendi as our Product Focus Guru!

Did you know that BR-T tweets? Follow BR-T and Torendi!

Don't forget, Torendi ALWAYS offers $5 shipping on all orders :)
Watch my product review HERE!


  1. Yay for BR-T day!! Love your stuff!! :) :)

  2. Woohoo BR-T!!!!!! You are truly an AMAZING artist and I can't wait to be inspired by you!!

  3. fantastic stuff, BR-T! :) can't wait to see MORE MORE MORE!

  4. So glad that you went with that little bit of 'wiggle room'! Beth is one of my very favourite card makers and I adore her totally unique style. DJ x